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Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by Toneboy, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    I know this is quite a personal thing, and can vary from time-to-time in your life depending on how good/hard life is. However I thought I'd start this because:
    1) It's interesting. :)
    2) Sometimes you forget about how good some of these songs are, and a reminder is welcome.
    3) You learn of new songs, and find that you like them.

    Without further ado, my most notable favourites:

    "He Is Able" - To me a song which reminds me of what God can do in your life. I first heard this song during a bad time in my life, it gave me hope then and stuck with me. It was one of the few things I was really insistent about having involved on my wedding day.

    "He Walked A Mile" by Clay Crosse - I heard this song a few years back when I was listening to a live feed from It instantly became a "What's the name of that song? Who performed it?" song. I really liked the lyrics, Crosse's voice and the backing track. To be honest, words fail me when I'm describing this song - I just love it.
  2. lawrensons

    lawrensons CoffE Moderator Staff Member

    My favourite Christian song to:

    sing: Fuel
    play on guitar: You are my Shepherd/Priceless
    listen to on cd: When peace like a river (Audio Adrenaline & Jennifer Knapp version)
  3. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    My favourite worship song is "The Nails in your Hands" by Richard Cimino, also called "Forever My Life is Yours" - I have a tear in my eye before I even get through the first verse.

    My current favourite on CD is "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me. In fact I have told my wife that I want this played at my funeral!!

  4. Glen

    Glen New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've got tons of favorites: Third Day, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Caedmon's Call, Jars of Clay, etc...

    but - the first worship song that popped into my head was "Above All"...

    "Like a Rose, trampled on the ground - you took the fall - and thought of me.... above all!"
  5. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    I think that is by Lenny LeBlanc, I have one of his CDs with it on it. It is a great CD to listen to just to chill out and have a time of devotion/prayer


    PS Welcome to the forum - Why not pop along to this thread and introduce yourself
  6. Lollipop

    Lollipop New Member

    I LOVE "Above All!"

    I also love any song by the late Keith Green. His music, even twenty years after his homegoing, has an annointing and power to it that few other musicians have. Keith was a true, forth-telling prophet, in my opinion. His songs provoke, prod, urge...they speak plainly and truthfully and honestly.

    Some of his songs that are my favorites:

    Until that Final Day
    Asleep in the Light
    Grace by Which I Stand
    My Eyes Are Dry
    Rushing Wind
    Make My Life a Prayer to You
    Create in Me a Clean Heart
    To Obey is Better than Sacrifice

    Actually, it's easier to list the ones of his I *dont* like (I think maybe two, out of the eighty I've got! LOL)
  7. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    I'd almost forgotten about that song. Not heard it in ages, one I love.
  8. Maureen

    Maureen New Member

    Kathryn Scott also sings that one on her album, 'Satisfy'
  9. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    I thought it may be time to add some videos to this, given we can do that with the new forum software. :)

  10. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Been a while since anyone posted anything in this thread. :)


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