Why I'm a Christian


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jacqueline said:
tony do you remember walking back from that cricket match? you walked home stooped in half to be about the same height as P and myself lol
I can't remember the last time I walked anywhere. :eek: :cool:

Slightly more seriously, we seemed to walk everywhere everytime anyone came down from Scotland. The weather always seemed to be fantastic too. It used to be great being able to enjoy weather like that in the summer - perhaps that's why so many people become teachers? ;)


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ROFL - walking must be the way to convert people, think about how far Paul must have walked in the New Testament. :D


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:wave: Hello to all who are here or even passing by. Thought to also share and thank you that we can come and hear/read your story. :p

First though, something comes to mind, a preacher told of how he worked at a lumber camp. The seasonal work was done and the loggers were heading home, he was leaving too but a little way from the camp he heard "go back and preach in the camp".. Why share this? Because I am not sure anyone is in the camp and that you have not all moved on! :) The man of God stood in the now empty camp and preached,to the trees . Maybe this is like that, "Lord I think they all went home " Never mind my daughter just obey me!"

Yes, parts do seem like jigsaw pieces.. Early years, uhappy and afraid, but I prayed and believed there was someone who came to your rescue.. Teen years, at a meeting went forward at the call to do so, listened to council and prayed with them. Did not belong to a church (as in building) sad that after a while I was still me, still capable of error!. That I didnot want.

Went to live in Cyprus,on the flight out we had engine trouble,
"If you let me live I will search for you" grateful we were alive I got on with being a good wife and mum of two children, at that time.. about 2 yrs on , no rest, no sleep, troubled, so I began to go to a church, a lady gave me a magazine, in it was a story of a man who was in danger and had said "Lord if you rescue me I will look for you" He hadnot done so and his story was that God began to call him to keep his promise. At that point I thought, why am I reading this, looked at the front page and the magazine was several months old. "No coincidence here" I thought. I couldnot find whatever I was supposed to find, went seriously looking for along time at different churches. One day a man who I knew to be a christian was digging his garden, I also knew his wife was christian. They would both speak of Jesus and Salvation. "But I need God in my life every day, not just on Sundays" I cried out. The man replied "He is with me now as I dig this garden" I thought he was way-out-of-it! :D

Next day I asked " Will you do for me Jesus what you have done for them , will you come into my life" Hmmm! no wham or bright light, no spectacular happening to feel or see. Went to the couple to tell them that nothing happened, I opened my mouth and began "I asked the Lord into my life but..." I got no further, something began to pour from above my head, pouring down to my feet, and I couldnot speak. Why am I a christian, because God drew me to His Son and spoke through His written word.. Much has happened , as with you all, and I hear the best is yet to be..:wave:

I had needed to find the one I spoke to, made the promise to, the very person, and that is who I was looking for.. and He kindly found me.


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wow!! saved by garce i was indeed and am! i was temtpted to go to this bourd i go to its full of anger n hate,but i knew i couldnt because i pick up its feelings,so i decided to come here insted and WOW! PRAISE GOD! theres some ppl here who have realy touched me with their testimonys ie lesly!!!! phocus! and oliverlow tho this person worrys me a bit david ike is a crazy man n i dont feel he is of the lord ATTAL but wat u said oliverlow about the crows and the pond i had a dream other night about a huge crow swooping down like a eagle into a pond to eat the fish but it didnt eat them all sum where hiding n i had little food to feed them with but i gave em the bread i did have.

anyways i was a wicaan witch for 5yrs hence why i feel oliverlow you have touched on sumthing withinn me YOU PUT DAVID IKE B4 JESUS,shame on u.


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my testimony

well ive had a very hard life my natural mother abused us badly let men do things to us,wegot took away at 4 yrs old were i spent my childhood in care where i received very little love,i cried alot as a child alot alot of tears alot of saying to God why me??WHY ME?why do i have no one i can call my own?i moved house n to diferant foster parents many times untill i was adopted to a "christian family" they wernt REAL christians they still lived for themselfs i was very sad,i only got adoptive to be a toy for their older daughter,i still had no love! but my adoptive mums twins sister was a REAL christian i loved her so much my adoptive mum thought i was possesed because i was going crazy thru the lack of love i was receiving from them,my aunty daphne could see this she knew that family well,
basicly i run away at 13 yrs old,i lived wiv youths on streets smoking weed,taking drugs,drinking etc,i could NOT return back to my adoptive parents home they where evil imo they had no love for me whats so ever unless i kept their daughter happy.

then i thought im going to walk and find my half brother who lived a few hundred miles away haha(stubborn I) i got 12 miles in high heeled platforms along side the motorway,then i saw my adoptive parents,they must of been going to the boring garden centre as they did on sundays,i shot into a ditch i didnt want them to see me but they did,they stopped to look for me,but i hid well because i did not want to be found by THEM! so they left,n i got up n carried on walking.
then my aunty n uncle came driving along,i tried to walk the other way adament i wasnt going to be taken back to my adoptive parents home,
my aunty was worried for me i said i dont care(id been hurt all i wanted was love,a mum a dad)
she begged me to get into the car,i said NO only if you promise to never take me back there(adoptive parents home) she promised me n i had no reason to ever doubt my auntys word for she had REAL unconditional love!
so i got into her car n went to live with them,this caused family arguements my adopted mother was always jealous of aunty daphne,but aunty daphne stuck by her word!
i may of been possesed they would try n disciplin me and i would get so angry i would spit and kick and scream,then later cry because i loved them so much n didnt want to hurt them wanted to obey.
i was a promiscuois girl i never knew how to get real love cos of the way igrew up i knew mens affection only as child abuse lust,i gave myself to boys easily,and wen my aunty and uncle took me and my friend only holiday in cromer in uk,i got very drunk and this lad who id fancied so badly had sex with me while i was almost asleep!i didnt know it then because i was so drunk and so stoned,untill i got home n few months later i realised i handt had a period so went for a pregnancy test cos i could faguly remember this lad i fancied having sex with me.

yes i was 15 yrs old and i WAS pregnant!! the lady handed me abortion leaflets! that made me feel sick just because i was 15 and had a unplanned pregnacy doesnt meen im going to abort it! I got drunk! i got stoned in that lads company! and I opend my legs! It was not this unborn babys fault! so i stuck to my guns and didnt abort him i knew i was responicble for this unborn baby(who would be white) n i couldnt wouldnt be able to live with myself if i aborted him.
i gave birth to a beautifull boy at 16 yrs of age! i had massive baby blues to much to young,i had mega anger issues too. while i was pregnant with my son tho..this other lad (who was black)i knew said he would look after me and my unborn son,
i thought to myself who else will want me? so i accepted his offer,i couldnt cope tho and i tried to commit suicide after my son was born,beacuse i grew up in care i was adament i wouldnt let my child go (not like i was)that I would raise him! and no one else! while i was in hospital for taking an over dose of pills they were cleaning me out,i said to the nurse i had a suspician i was pregant again,she tested me n low n behold i was pregnent,16 yrs old! and pregnant with my second child!!! NO i couldnt believe it ! this i s why i wanted to take my life! i couldnt cope! but i had to for my childs sake ,
i gave birth to a beautifull little girl,this time round i wasnt so depressed i found it easier to cope with her as i had experience from my fist born.

i had my own flat at 16 and was raising my two children with my daughters father,i was working in a nightclub serving alchohol,and i came early from work one night to find my baby father smoking crack with his his mates while babysitting my babys who were babys and only in the next room doors open and crack smoke everywhere,now i didnt have a clue he was on crack b4 hand he had stolen money from me telling me it must be my son son kane who was taking it n so he watched me scold my son for nothing!!!!!:cry: ,

so obviously wen i got home early from work n found wat they/he was doing n not protecting my babys either!:cry:
i grabbed his stuff n chucked it out!!:wave: never to have in my life again!!! grah!

i watched him go downhill he lived on streets he threatend to shoot me once! haha,but nothing happend n he stayed away from us n fed his crack habbit for yrs,he is ok now tho n is working n is clean(praise God)
but because i was single mother now n unable to work,two children at age of seventeen, at 18 i went into prostitution,little did i know tho it was actual prostitution! i thought it was taking men on dates so wen i turned up at the office i saw loads of girls normal girls like u and i and our mothers and our grandmothers,then the boss broke it to me basicly i had to have sex with the clients:cry:
i was young i was slim and i was very beautifull,:rolleyes:
i was a well sort after girl i had 7-8 clients a night and i worked four to five days a week every week for 3yrs!!! :cry::cry::cry:the first night i worked i come home with £700 pounds n chucked it on my bed n cried n cried id never held so much money:cry: i felt dirty but i had money!

but alas that money went on nothing GOOD,nothing! went on marijunna that i had been smoking since 14 yrs old it went on booze it went on clothes so i looked good for clients iw orked as a prostitute up untill my house fire!!!!:pray:

now this is where the real story begins......


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house fire happend wen iwas 21 yrs old after 2000.
i got home drunk after spending a night and morning out with my friend on her birthday we had drunk so many after shocks it was unbelievable that i could walk thru the door n reach the bed!

i left my toddlers with a client of mine who was paying me to be his girlfriend:cry: it was my way of gettin out of prostitution as it was a trap!
i got home at about 7 am and he said he had to go to work so he left as soon as i got home,i went straight to bed as i was totally blottoed!! snoring i was in deep deep sleep!
then in the deepest rescess of my mind i heard a faint scream my conscious said is that my son? the scream had sheer panic init,i shot up! like a robot!(boing sat up in bed)i looked n saw my toddlers screaming to high heavens!
i looked to my bedroom door and there was a huge firball of fire roaring hissing so big it was!! it had been underway for sumtime but cos i was so drunk i couldnt hear my childrens SCREAMS! but i did didnt i i heard it just caught it JUST CAUGHT IT!

(normally smoke keeps a person asleep,my son had been outside aswell he said after allthis ,he had tried to get water from taps n put it out!!he said he couldnt leave his mummy tho to die in her sleep..my little HERO!:cry: he had got hold of a lighter,not his fault i should of been a decent mother.)

I jumped out of bed lord knows i normally locked them windows as the children used to try n climb out of em but thank God it was open..

i turned around to pick up my toddlers to chuck them out of a house on the bedroom floor upstairs two storeys up!( well it was better than burning we had no escape) but as i turned round to pick them up a huge black smog of smoke came and i couldnt breath i couldnt see:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: i breathed it in and it burned me inside me:cry: i crept onto the window sill to get air by then there was ahuge crowd outside telling me to jump! i screamed MY CHILDREN ARE IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HAD TO GO BACK TO THE WINDOW SILL FOR AIR AS I DID I FAINTED OUT HEAD FIRST! I FELL ONTO THE GROUND,AS I THUDDED MY EYES OPEN I LOOKED UP TO THE WINDOW! WHAT WAS DOING OUTSIDE OF THE ROOM NOOOOOO! I SHOT UP OPEND MY FRONT DOOR BALLS OF FLAMES CAME OUT THIS BIG FAT WOMAN GRABBED ME HELD ME IN A BEAR LOCK,cos i i woulda ran into the flames i gone insane for mychildren! i was banging my head my face against the wall very very hard,she let me go i ran round in circles looking up at the window flames comming out of the window now a man had got a ladder and tried to get in window but a huge blast broke the glass wiv heat he couldnt i ran round in circles screaming franticly!


then everything went quiet this energy came thru the top of my head and went to my heart it was going thru all my darkest wishes all my darkest secrets all my goodness allmy love,
and this voice a fartherly voice...said to me..

is this what you want? it searched my heart it seemed like a minuit but was only a few seconds then from my heart i said NO!!
and as that was done the fire engines turned up! and they walked straight thru the flames and brought out my children,my son started to spit n splutter but my daughetr they couldnt get i could go to my son because of my daughter they was saying she was dead kane was sat up tho he was but i couldnt go they was saying she was DEAD:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: my baby girl they gave her mouth to mouth for last time ,i think the lord knew i couldnt live without her n she BREATHED:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: HALLELUYA PRAISE GOD!

she did die again in hospital but they got her back again,she had to have a skin graft my son also has scars but u wouldnt know it to look at em my daughters arm as neat line down her forearm now n sum little scars on her back.

the firemen said one more min in there and the roof would of collapsed,we was infront page of newspaer on the news on telly and on radio,IT WAS MIRACLE!!!:pray:

My daughter had long hair very long hair if the fire had of got that she woulda died,the reason why i couldnt find my childrenin the fire is because they hid underneath my bed!!! argh my son kane said he thought i was with hi he could feel me hugging him my daughter was only partly under the bed hence her arm getting so badly burned.
the bed was in the middle of the room
i went back after spending many onths in hospital to the house and i looked in the bedroom! everything around the bed was incinerated! totally the window was on the other side of the bed and the curtain n window was gone (burned) but not even the undersheet or duvet of the double bed had been touched by flames!( angels must of been protecting them) it was a miracle!

i tunred christian while i was in hospital i went to the chapel i was in a wheel chair with my hands in bandages,my friend rolled me into the chappel n as i got in thru the door i just wept n wept n wept n wept n wept,this woman stood up n said i have a word for you from God,she said god knows every strand of hair on your head or summin like that basicly God knows everything about me.

and God saved my children he gave me a choice because i didnt apreciate my children attal.:( parise God.

i had to live with my aunty and uncle afterwards for few months while i waited for a new house they praid to God for the right house,my old house in in a horrible the worst council estate in my town,it was a horrid boxy house.after about 5 months on my birthday 8th of nov!! a letter came thru the door offering me my three bedroomed parlour semi detached house :bow: miracle wat a birthday gift!
and because of my depression and my prostitution b4 hand , idint realise how much money i was supposed to be getting from the income support my uncle worked out that i hadnt been gettin my child benefits so he rang them up,they said i could only get three weeks back dated moneywhich would only be a few hundred,so i was in town after seeing the houseid been given i was praying to God saying how was i gunna afford to decorate this huge and lovely house of my dreams! i went to the cash machin n lo n behold they had given me everysingle penny of four years backdated money which added upto FOUR GRAND wooot.:bow: praise God! it was ligit,it was a blessing i should only got a couple of hundred.

well i walked the christian path so thankfull for all my blessings.but i fell.BIG time.i couldnt comprehend a God sending his children to hell i couldnt go round condeming ppl soi went to a rave,i was on magic mushrooms,i felt so condemned after all wat GOD had done for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
i was ata illegal party on drugs wen i should been in church,i cried n sat on the grass then God said to me "my child you can never be part from me and i can never be apart from you" i felt liberated and free,and i got into the free party scene heavily then i fell,got onto drugs thinking i was a free soul do do as i wish n i was still blesssed by God,but i wasnt,and i became a wiccan witch for five years heavily into tarot,they said i hada a gift "i did"

il have to finnish this story another time,but basicly im returned to the lord after a huge revelation basicly id died and i went to hell,i judged myself n sent my self there.i will come back to tell you this revelation.

trust in God not the idols!

be blessed in God and jesus always!

love from Sarah Joy( this surname is the only good thing i got from my adoptive family):p :clown: :D :wave: :pray:


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When I was stoll at junior school I saw pictures of Jesus carrying His cross and loved Him straight away. When I learned why He was carrying it and that He is The Son of God I knew I would never stop loving Him

I wanted to please Him but I have made many mistakes in my life, and let Him down badly at times.
Jesus has brought me through many hard times. He never let's anyone down. I think it is all to do with love.