Why I'm a Christian


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Very simply, this thread is a place for you to tell us a bit about your Christian background. Do I have to go first? Oh, alright then. ;)

It all started in my family in 1991. My Gran, who lived in the family home with myself, my Mum and my Step-Dad, passed away in April that year, just a matter of weeks before my 16th birthday.

I remember how my Gran so dearly wanted to see me turn 16, and how I didn't think it was fair. I went through a pretty wretched time emotionally, and was more surprised a few months later when my Mum became a Christian. How could she believe in a God who had been so cruel to my Gran, someone who had led a good life and wouldn't seek to harm anyone.

The following year doesn't seem that dramatic looking back, but off the top of my head I remember it as being quite an emotional roller-coaster. In 1992 my Step-Dad (more of a Father than my actual Dad ever was, or ever will be) also became a Christian. I was a minority of one in my own home.

From that point home life was more difficult. Arguments were more common, although I knew my parents weren't bad parents and I did love them - hopefully they didn't think I was a bad kid.

In September 1993 I began life at University. Moving away from Portsmouth, I was heading to London! I had more freedom, and while I wasn't completely wreckless I did "enjoy myself". Loneliness kicked in somewhat, and I found out the hard way that getting drunk didn't solve your problems.

In December I came home for a weekend for my Mum's birthday. It was my first time visiting back home, but really I had a girl I liked at the forefront of my thoughts. Therefore when I was asked to go to a Christian Youth Group that weekend I thought I would be able to go and be there (saving myself from an argument) without "being there". Instead a visiting American called John Hwang put this thought in my head - "Can you honestly look at nature and not believe in a Creator?" That thought never left me until I became a Christian.

By February I was really lonely at Uni. In April I turned a corner, decided to enjoy the freedom being single offered and throw myself into my passions - mostly watching sports. My favourite football team, Crystal Palace, ended up winning Division 1. I would have a lot of new grounds to visit.

I had started to really enjoy life. Before starting my summer job I had time to enjoy lots of balmy summer days with lots of Christian friends, including some American and Scottish visitors. These people weren't stereotypes, they really cared about me. We could chat about normal things, they weren't boring, the Bible Studies weren't boring, and I had friends who could answer my questions.

I could now see the Bible as something relevant, something true. My preconceived ideas of God being unfair and unloving were being swept aside, as the Youth Group went through the Gospel of John and showed the caring, loving nature of Jesus. God's Word was working on my heart, and other scriptures and studies were working on my mind. Everything was falling into place.

Only one thing was missing. Everything seemed a bit too good. Nobody's life was this perfect, even I knew that being a Christian did not prevent bad things from happening to you. How did these new-found friends react when things didn't go so well?

Sadly I would soon find out. David and Carren, the Youth Group leaders, were expecting their first child. Unfortunately the foetus had begun to develop in a fallopian tube - an eptopic pregnancy. They would lose the baby.

The night they told the Youth Group was naturally a sad affair. However their reiterated their trust in God, and how they still believed in Him. I was impressed by their words, and didn't doubt their own belief in them. The final piece of the jigsaw was in place - it was that night that I became a Christian (August 6th, 1994).

Nine years on, there have been highs, and there have been lows, but I'm still intent on running the race set out before each of us (Hebrews 12:1).


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i remember the summer well Tony! I too "left my nets" and followed him, although my circumstances were different.

I had grown up in a Chrsitain home but by the age of about 3 :eek: i rebelled :) - to cut a very long story short i came to realise that i needed Jesus more that I needed the world.


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Testimony - Why I am a Christian

Hope I don't ramble on too much! I even had to do two postings because this was too long for one.... :)

I grew up near Glasgow, with my sister who is four years older than me. We were a close and loving family....our parents were not religious as such, but they believed, and so they regularly took us to a typical Church of Scotland where I attended Sunday School.We left Glasgow in 1973 when I was 11, and moved to the Aberdeen. I started my first year at the Academy two weeks after term had started, and unfortunately I got in with the ?wrong? crowd. I was smoking, and drinking, and I did badly in my exams. I disappointed my parents, and we had many a terrible rows.

When I left school, I started work as a secretary, then I fulfilled a dream when I was 19 ? I was accepted as Cabin Crew with a small airline. To my surprise, at the age of 21 I was accepted as Crew with a much larger airline and started flying all over the world. This was a career that would last for over eighteen years. I had long since stopped going to church, and in fact, I happily told myself and everyone else I did not believe in ?God.? I was a typical young adult who did not want to submit to anyone or anything, I thought life was there to be grabbed and enjoyed and I was very selfish. The lifestyle in the airline was very ?social?, there were lots of drunken nights in hotels with the crew, and we were earning a fortune?I had all the best clothes, drove a great car and thought I was the bees knees. However, I was always very aware of how I had let my parents down, and, although we did not fight anymore and they were quite proud of my job, deep down I knew the way I was living my life was wrong, and I always felt guilty. I felt I had failed somehow.

Around this time, a few of my friends started going to mediums and clairvoyants, and I would go along for a laugh. I was very unhappy inside, I always felt something was missing, and I thought maybe if I knew what the future held, I would become happier. I was very gullible?and sadly, these people seemed to have the answers I was seeking. I became very involved, and when a medium told me I was ?gifted?, I was flattered and bought myself a pack of Tarot cards. From then on, I practiced readings for myself, and my friends, and soon I had a bit of a name for myself within the airline as the ?stewardess who could tell the future? and I became very popular. I took the whole thing very seriously, I even slept with the cards wrapped in silk under my pillow, and did loads of research into the occult. It sounds so na?ve now, but I genuinely did not realise that I was doing anything wrong. I don?t know how I ?knew? the things I told people, but I would just open my mouth, words would come out, and before I knew it I was being sought out by everyone. It got to the stage where the cards ruled my life. I would not leave the house unless I had done a reading for myself, and I would consult them about everything, from the trival, to the more serious.

I was 23 by now, and bought my own flat. Soon after moving in I started to feel uncomfortable when I was on my own. I had a distinct feeling that something, or someone was always there with me, and this ?thing? was not particularly pleasant. I would have absolutely terrible nightmares, where I would awaken convinced something evil was in the room, so I started drinking alone at night to help me sleep. I also allowed anyone who wanted to stay the night, rather than be on my own. I drifted though life for the next couple of years , I had a few boyfriends, until at 27 I became involved with a guy who seemed great, he was fantastic fun at times but was also a terrible drinker and was a real Jeckyll and Hyde character. However, we got married, and, very soon after I gave birth to a son. I had stopped reading the cards by then. My husband, for all his faults, absolutely hated my involvement with them and made me lock them away in a cupboard. Our marriage was not good. It was obvious that we had made a huge mistake, we rowed constantly, there was no love, and a few months after my son was born, my husband announced that he was in seeing another woman, and we split up. As unhappy as I had been, I felt a terrible failure again and I was terrified at the thought of my future life as a young single parent. So, out came the cards again. This time, as soon as I started playing with the cards I felt uneasy. I thought perhaps it was my imagination, but I started having terrible nightmares again. I began to wake in the early hours of the morning, with my heart thumping, terrified because I felt something was in the room. I was scared for my baby son in the next bedroom, and yet I was always ?paralysed,? unable to move, unable to get to him. I always knew I was awake, I was very aware of these night terrors, and began to dread bed times again. I began sleeping on the floor beside the cot, but the same thing would happen. One night, at 3am, exhausted, I lay on the floor and wept like I had never wept before. I was crying out, ?Please, Please go away. Please leave me!? I had unwittingly opened a door to something, and I didn?t know how to close it again. I remember crying out loud? Please God! If you are real, help me. Please help me?. I was desparate, I felt like I was going to die. I lay awake all that night, too scared to sleep.


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The next evening, there was a knock on the door. It was a neighbour of mine who I did not know very well. She asked if I was interested in going with the local church to see Billy Graham, who was visiting Aberdeen. I politely declined, but she left me a small pamphlet called ?Knowing God?. I sat reading that little booklet from cover to cover, over and over again for hours. Finally, I sat on my bed and said a little prayer. I felt very embarrassed and uncomfortable, but I remember praying ?Ok, if you are there God, please turn me into a Christian. ? I remember my mind being bombarded with thoughts like ?God? There is no god. That?s rubbish.?

That night, I had the most amazing experience of my life. I awakened once again at 3am, with a terrible feeling of doom and dread, aware of something evil in the room. I still find it difficult to describe the fear I felt? it is beyond the best chosen words. Through clenched teeth, I shouted out loud ?God! Help me. Please Lord, help me.? Suddenly, I was aware of ?something?, a force of some kind, rushing towards me and exploding into me with this incredible force, and I was filled with the most ecstatic feeling I had ever known. It was like love, and peace, pure joy and unbelievable happiness all rolled into one. I remember feeling all sorts of emotions?like Christmas morning when you are little, or the first day of the school holidays?.then I felt enormous gratitude, and LOVE. I just felt so much love. I remember kneeling on the bed with my hands in the air shouting ?Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!? at the top of my voice. I didn?t even know much about Jesus then, it was always ?God? I thought of. The next day, I literally felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from me. I took my tarot cards and cut them into shreds, claiming loudly that I was doing it in Jesus Name, and rejecting every ?deal? I had ever made with them. I went along to the local evangelical church, and spoke for hours to the lovely Pastor there, who gave me a bible and patiently answered my questions. He also gave me a small scripture reading, Jeremiah 29:11-13. It spoke about hope for the future?something I had never had. I was always insecure about my future and that?s why I sought help from Tarot cards.

I would love to say from that moment on I was changed?.but it didn?t happen that quickly! There was still a part of me that was rebellious?and I gladly took for granted the amazing thing Jesus had done for me that night, but I didn?t seem to want to work at it, or really repay Him in anyway. I thought if I became a Christian there would be too many things to ?give up? . I boldly told every one at work however that I would no longer have anything to do with clairvoyance, and I told them why too. Soon after this, a lovely Christian guy came to work for us as a Captain, and he really seemed to me to be heaven sent. He was such a shining light in our workplace. He would put notices up saying ?God Loves You?, and he would openly ask people if they wanted prayer. He was jeered at and laughed at by some, but he was truly an inspiration to me and the poor guy would sit for hours answering my seemingly never ending questions. I went along to many meetings with him at his Church, and one night I knew I could sit on the fence no longer. Quietly, and properly this time, I asked Jesus to come in to my life. I thanked Him for his gift to me. I asked for forgiveness for my sins, and promised Him I would try to faithfully follow Him for the rest of my life. (Incidentally, I went back to my local church about two years after my first meeting with the Pastor?.he remembered me immediately and told me he had prayed for me every day. Isn?t God good?) I was baptised, and my son and I became members of a Christian Fellowship Church.

Since then, God has done many amazing things in my life. I?ve been tested, and I?ve been blessed. My son had a terrible accident which could have left him horribly disfigured, a friend prayed with us that he would be left with ?only a tiny scar to remind us of God?s faithfulness?, and this is exactly what has happened. I also found love at the tender age of 40, and Ladies, we all know how difficult it is to find a single, handsome Christian man!! Well, the Lord found one for me and I have never been happier. Sometimes I fail miserably in my walk, but somehow God picks me up and puts my feet back on the right path again. Jesus is my Saviour, my best friend and again, I proclaim aloud that ?Jesus is Lord! ?

The Promise of Hope: Jeremiah 29:11-13
I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me, and I will answer you. You will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.


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:) That's an amazing testimony!! I'm currently going through a vaguely similar situation. I became a Christian while i was working in London for a year, and have recently moved back home to Devon to live with my Parents. The problem is my dad is a practicing pagan, and he does use tarot cards, so as you can imagine there are two opposite forces at work in the house hold :(
I feel God carrying me through this tough situation, just the other day i wondered into the local village church and stumbled upon a very good book called "spiritual warfare", and that explained the occult and the devil very well so as a Christian i can defend myself, i'm sure reading that will prove invaluable, praise God for that :pray:

I'm going to try a Penetcostal church near me this Sunday (as i feel that's where God is calling me) and try and get some Christian friends as soon as possible around me. All my old friends that i left down here are living quite unchristian lives; just as i was a year ago... that is until i was saved :pray:


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Good for you, James. Good Christian friends to fellowship with are really good to have in situations like that. They help you and strengthen you almost without you realising it. :p


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that is a wonderful testimony Lesley - hope lots of folk who muck around with ouija boards and seances read that and realise what it is they are inviting into their lives.


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saved by grace

When I was about seven I challenged God to demonstate his power by making two sparrows jump into the pond in the Garden. I was surprised when He obliged.
A few years back when I was in my early twenties, I was sitting watching the telly when a voice spoke to me from my left. I looked round but there was nobody there. The voice said, "Follow me".
I thought "Eh up, this is the voice of God."
I shat a brick. (excuse language)
"Err... I don't think I'm ready for that..." I said.
And that was that.
After a few days, I began to fret and started praying. I apologised for being so reticent, but no voice came.
After a few years, I was a happy chappy, went to church now and again, good degree, good job, alright for money, happily married, was a big admirer of Jesus and generally believed in some sort of God; after all there was a pretty amazing creation for me to knock around in. I thought I was doing just fine.
Then one day, I was finishing off my cup of tea
before heading off for work, and out of the blue I thought, that voice was the voice of Jesus, but it was my own voice.
That means....
"Am I right?", I asked Him.
"Yes. Follow me.". My world turned upside down. Suddenly I realised that I was the son of God. I was overwhelmed.
"Give me a sign," I demanded, rudely.
I remebered the sparrows. I looked out of the window in case the sign was by way of birds. A crow flew over my house and landed on the roof opposite. It looked at me, and then flew back the way it had come.
I live in the middle of a town where there are no crows.

This time, I was not reticent. I thanked God for adopting me so kindly when I hadn't done anything particularly deserving. Since then, I have unshakable faith, a faith which is a gift from God.
My sole motivation is to do God's work. I gave up everything, and I mean everything. I would die for Him, and I would die for you. In fact, I soon got back everything worth while that I had given up, and more besides.
He is pretty generous as well. Before hand, I had thought I was doing pretty well, but now, oh boy, its better than my wildest imagination, and my imagination can be pretty wild. I would sooner die than go back to how I was.
This is how I feel about it:
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost and now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)


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David Ike

I remebered David Ike. He was a football presenter on Grandstand. One day, he proclaimed himself the son of God, and got blasted by the papers.
Now I know what he was talking about.
I saw him the other day on a programme as a guest. His faith has not been shaken. Of course not.
And so, I blithely post the above.
Initially I was cautious about telling people that I am the son of God. It doesn't always go down well, in Christian or secular circles.
But if you read John, and actually believe it, rather than try to adapt it and take it as metaphorical, that's exactly what is said right from the start. "To those who believed he gave the power to become sons of God."
Anyway, thanks to David Ike and thanks to Jesus for living in me and showing me the Truth and thanks to God for all there is.


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Oliver, there's a big difference between being the Son of God and being one of the sons of God. The references to us being sons of God refers to being brought into God's family, and having an inheritance through Him. There is only one Son of God in the sense I believe you're talking about, and His name is Jesus.


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It's OK

Being the son of God is OK.
I am also the son of Nicholas. He has another son besides me, and a daughter. So does God, and lots of them!
I don't want to write more here as this is the wrong thread for theology or interpretaion of scripture.
I do know others who had experiences like mine, though. And I know others who, like me, are the son of God, but don't publicise it much, like David Ike did.


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I'm a Christian

I came to ask Jesus into my life and control it on the 24th Dec 2002 that will be 2 years this Christmas Day. I didn't plan for it to happen on Christmas Day believe me but it did, Thank God.
My life had been going downhill rapidly for sometime, my husband and myself did nothing but argue all the time, in fact it came to a split up and we'd been married 31years, I hadn't even been thinking about God or Church I guess I was in the depths of dispare and couldn't get much worse, I remember telling all my family (3 sons 1 Daughter) to go onto their sister's house for their Christmas dinner but I knew I wouldn't be joining them, I was living with one of my sons and his wife at this time, we had only moved into a new house 2 weeks, and I had moved out, well at 3pm I sat down to my Christmas dinner, a White chocolate Kit-Kat bar and a cuppa tea, when something just came over me, I knew there had to be a better life than this one I was living, so I started to pray to Jesus, and asked him into my heart and my life, I hadn't been in a church except for weddings etc for ages so I then went to church my first time as a Christian and it felt great.
The only thing I find hard is being the only Christian in my home, my Mum and Dad both are but they don't live with us, it is hard having a husband who drinks smokes and uses bad language so any help at surviving this would be much appreciated, I do pray daily and I know in the Lord's time he will turn the situation around but it still is hard, I guess that's my cross.
In May of this year I had an experience, well that's about all I could call it I will go into detail at another time as it's quite a long story.


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There is a lot left out because the things that happened in my life would fill a library but the surface would not have been scratched. Like the time, as a family, we were on a train without the fare and two or three stops before we arrived, a man leaned across and gave me 5 pounds (a lot of money in 1974) - we had not asked nor solicited money - it was just our present need being met.
My testimony

I was born again on the 6th September 1972. I had been looking for God and Truth for a number of years.
I would lay in bed shaking my fist at the ceiling demanding that God showed me the truth.
A quiet inner voice said, "Read the Bible" - I had a large one under the bed - and I replied "I want the Truth first. I'll read the Bible after."

I had done all the hippie things - gone to festivals (I'm in the film of the first Glastonbury Festival). I went to numerous Gurus' meetings but always came away empty.

I did not have the Truth but I knew I'd know it when I heard it.

Through my spiritual searching I knew that I'd have to die and be born again to find God - whatever that meant.

I was married with 3 kids. My wife was a foul-mouthed hippie. We smoked dope and got drunk most days and nights. I was desperately searching for the Truth. Life was a vast miserable mystery.

Wherever I looked I never found the 'resonance' I was hunting for.

In August 1972 I went to check out a commune and came back disappointed. I walked into my house and was amazed by the change in my wife's appearance. She shone.

I asked her what had happened. She replied, "I've got saved!"

Something had changed - she had managed a whole sentence without swearing.

I was delighted pleased - I 'believed' in God too. Then she told me that I was a sinner. I was furious at that and told her in unrepeatable language that I was no sinner - and that people were basically good.

I bought a second hand television set so that we could watch the Olympic Games and she could see how men were coming together for sport this'd prove they were basically good.

The Munich Olympics were so corrupt and violent that my argument was ruined. I secretly went to the Christians she was meeting. They played the guitar and sang me songs and told me that Jesus loved me. I sat listening to their songs and thinking "What a bunch of ******s".

I went home and said nothing about my visit.

That evening a visitor started mocking my wife for her beliefs. I said to him, "She's got something we haven't." and I felt a sudden deep depression as if I'd been hit in the stomach.

When I woke next morning I thought, "You gotta go and apologise for your arrogance towards those people."

That idea wouldn't go away. I argued that those Christians would not know what I was thinking about them etc - but I could get no peace. There was no escape - I had to swallow my pride and apologise.

As I walked along the streets, a sensation began deep within me. It grew and grew - I could describe it as a thousand orgasms of light flooding me but that does not do it justice. I rolled a cigarette to calm my nerves. I lit it and it tasted so dirty that I
threw it away. I threw my tobacco into a waste bin and never smoked again.

I knew that I had passed through a kind of spiritual door and that my life was never going to be the same again.

I made it to the Christians' place but by then I could not speak and could hardly stand up. I slumped on a couch while what felt like a pillar of blue and gold light reached from the sky to me and back again.

I got home feeling wonderfully alive and elated and asked my wife if I looked any different. She shook her head. I said, "Well I have changed."

From that day I devoured the Bible. I memorised vast chunks - whole Gospels, Epistles, Psalms. I spent every day witnessing. After two months or so I told my wife that I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus and
that meant that I would have to give up the house and everything I had.

I said it was up to her whether she came or not but that I could not spend my life any other way. She said she would come with me.

We left our house, cleared all our debts, gave away all our stuff and on 27/11/72 I went into the local dole office to get my Insurance Cards.

As I waited in the crowded office, a guy walked in, looked around and walked over to me. He said that God had told him to take the morning off and come to the office to pray for someone - "And it's you".

He knew nothing about me but knew that he had to obey God and find me.

I thought he must be mad so I shepherded him out of the office and after a chat and a cup of tea in a cafe he asked if he could pray for me.

He gave me a scripture - Jeremiah 17:8- "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is". I had been given that same verse during prayer the night before.

Then the guy laid hands on my head, prayed, then told me to walk up some steps and that when I got to the top, "All the cares of the World will leave you for ever"

{After 32 years of struggles, tears, and joys, that promise still applies; I have no debts and live a happy blessed life with all my needs met. I always have enough.}

We took a train into London and I was 'told' to go wherever the train at King's Cross platform 7 went. We took the train and came to Hull.

Within a single hour we were offered three houses to live in and chose a house owned by some Christian students.

We did not like Hull and decided to move on. We hitched all over the country having numerous adventures including an amazing Christmas.

We had been invited to my mother's house for Christmas but when we arrived she swore and cursed at me and told me to 'Eff off' and worse.

We found a cafe and had a quick prayer. I was 'told' that there was a Christian Community about 10 miles away and that I should go there as we would stay there for Christmas as He had prepared a place for us.

My wife waited in the cafe while I set off.

The place was very rural and there were no buses - I expected to hitch hike or walk there. Anyhow as I shut the cafe door my brother drove past. I had not seen him for 5 years - he gave me a lift.

As he drove down the lane he asked me which house I wanted. I said, "I don't know but I'll tell you when I get there."

I pointed to a house and said, "This is it."

As I got out from the car he drove off leaving me stranded miles from my family in a dark country lane in the rain.

I knocked at the door and broke the news to the man gently, I said, "We are Christians and God told me that we are to stay here for Christmas."

He asked me what my Jesus was like and I said that Jesus was my best friend and my Helper and my Lord. He smiled and said it was a good answer - he went to his car and fetched my family.

Five people had left that day so there was plenty of room for us - God had clearly provided a place for us - like it says in Psalms, "When thy father and mother forsake thee then the Lord will take thee up."

God finally got it through to me that Hull was where He wanted us. We moved back unwillingly but obediently.

We lived purely by faith, and opened a Free Shop - giving stuff away to all comers. Many people shared our home and got converted.

The miracles we experienced would fill book after book.

We spent the 70s preaching, witnessing, living by faith, travelling from city to city and across Europe living in a tent.

We spent some years successfully preaching in London but I felt that the violence there was too risky for my family (we had 6 children by then) so we moved back to Hull.

Just after we came back here in 1981 my wife abandoned both faith and family. She left home and got into lesbianism and heroin - and all sorts of other stuff.

We divorced and I became a lone parent. These 20 plus years have been such a blessed time for me. I had to adjust to being both mother and father. -I could not continue evangelising in the same way that I had before - but God has done a far deeper work in me than I could imagine and one for which I am so grateful.

These years have been harder than hard but when I see how my children have grown into good, kind, human beings then I know that the time has been fruitful. I'm now a vitally fit grandfather and enjoying the new generation. I cycle miles and run and am happy beyond the power of words to describe.

The early years of 'magical' provision - when we literally had only to ask for something for God to supply it (even better than we dared ask for) kept me believing through the long hard years of discipling through fatherhood.

Life is very good. I would not swap my life for anyone's - I know God and I know He loves me. That knowledge is surer than the chair I'm sitting in, or the keyboard I'm typing on.


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wow, there are some awesome and faith-building stories here... much to think about, thankyou all for sharing


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I am a Christian because God reached out to me through His infinite mercy He sent His Son my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Sinless Spotless Lamb of God to die for me, the once for all sacrifice for my sins, I repented of those sins at the age of 7 and asked Jesus to come into my life and He did. Hallelujah! Praise be to the Lord. I was in the fortunate position of having Christian parents. Jesus is my best friend, for He will never leave me nor forsake me, through the years There have been times I have pushed Him into a small corner of my life, but he draws me back. What a wonderful Saviour we have. Discipleship though is another ball game, I know I want Jesus in the driving seat of my life.



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I'm a Christian, because what better way to live your life only than to try to be like Christ, our Maker, with his help, we can but not by our own efforts, we will always fail in our own strength, it has to come from Him. Who would want to live in this world, full of it's woe's and short lived joy, our joy is unending, and even when we have days that our not good, Jesus brings us through them and onto victory and peace.
I wouldn't have it any other way, praise God.


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My first answer to the question on this thread was "Whom have we in the heavens but Thee..." Who else have we got if we havent got Jesus? :)


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lawrensons said:
i remember the summer well Tony! I too "left my nets" and followed him, although my circumstances were different.

so do i it was a fab summer i have many great memories about it. simon i dont know if you remember me i was one of the scottish lot that came down.
tony do you remember walking back from that cricket match? you walked home stooped in half to be about the same height as P and myself lol