What should we expect from our sporting heroes?


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I was reading an article involving one of my favourite teams the other day. It involved one of the younger players on the team being sworn at by one of the older players on the team who didn't think he applied himself as he should have. This was supposedly part of the mentoring process. Furthermore the older player is one of my all-time favourite sportsmen.

Now call me naive, but I was still a bit shocked about this. But then I thought about this a little bit. The guy isn't a Christian, what should I really expect of him? He's admittedly not perfect, and has had some brushes with controversy in the past (especially regarding the breakdown of his first marriage).

Conversely another player for another of my favourite teams recently left the team at a critical stage of the pre-season, just to travel the world and smoke marijuana (his own admission). I can't stand this guy now, but is any worse than the guy who remains a hero? Probably not.

So as a Christian should what our sporting heroes do start and end when they enter/leave a stadium, or should it be more than that?