What book(s) are you reading?

Discussion in 'Christian Media Reviews' started by Jazz_UK, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114


    I am currently reading

    The Effective Pastor - Peter White
    Spiritual Leadership - J. Oswald Sanders
    A book on Scottish Revivals

    And a book on php!

    What Christian or other books are you reading?

  2. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Saw it on your sofa last night. :)

    Not had much reading time lately, am approaching Isaiah in my daily readings, that is about it. Would like to get "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game", by Michael Lewis, but am awaiting the paperback release in April.
  3. lawrensons

    lawrensons CoffE Moderator Staff Member

    ok - here goes .....

    most of my reading is consumed with what books of the Bible I'm teaching through in church ot what topicals I'm teaching. So, right now I'm teaching through Romans on Sunday am and doing a 12 week course on the Chruch, so my reading list is:

    Romans - by Thomas Schreiner. Good but Calvinistic.
    Romans - Jon Courson - Good but not that in depth
    The Finished Work of Christ - Francis Schaeffer
    Romans - J Vernon McGee
    The purpose Driven Chruch - interesting but not completly biblical IMO
    The Body of Christ - Alan Cole - old but good on the Theology of the church

    as well as my usual study helps

    I'm also reading, in my spare time, Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels which I'm finding VERy good.
  4. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    I am in the middle of the Sermon on the Mount in Stirling so in addition to my original list I have some books specifically on the SotM (J.M.Boice, M.L.Jones & a few others) and some more covering Matthew.

  5. lawrensons

    lawrensons CoffE Moderator Staff Member

    ooh - Lloyd Jones Sermon on the Mount is fantastic - IMO probably the best
  6. SpiritNtruth

    SpiritNtruth New Member

    Hello :wave:

    This is my first post..thought I would share the amazing books I am reading with everyone:)

    From Prodigal to Priest, by David Chadwell (preacher for WestArk Church of Christ)

    The Two Great Commissions: Evangelism and Edification, by David Chadwell

    previously read book: Victory Through Surrender, by E. Stanley Jones (now deceased or retired (?) preacher for Church of Christ)

    Also doing an in-depth 29 part study on The Sermon on the Mount...Oakhill Church of Christ
    and reading the bible daily:)

    The above-listed books are quite amazing in the sense that the writers are sooo on fire for the Lord and express that love and devotion with a zeal and intelligence that transcends even my expectations, and I have high ones when it comes to writings...lol. Believing with all of my heart, soul and mind that the bible is the final authority on God's word , I consider myself to be a bit of a Berean in that I diligently scan books and articles for inaccuracies, never to correct in an oppositional way but to lovingly point out that what is written differs from (not me) but the bible:) Anyway, hello again and byee for now:) :wave:


    Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.
  7. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry to disappoint, I'm not actually reading any books at the moment. Just wanted to welcome a new member.


    Very interesting and informative first post by the way. :p
  8. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Raising The Axe Head.

    This Book is a collection of messages preached at the first CWM Conference at Whitby 2002. The speakers are Siam Bhayro, Tony Pearce, Jacob Prasch, Philip Powell and Philip Foster. Available from St Matthew Publishing Cambridge. Heard Jacob Prasch preach at Stroud Green Christian Assembly, Finsbury Park, London on Easter Saturday and Sunday.
    Stuart. :wave:
  9. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    Currently have at work (to read during teabreaks etc) a book by Francis Schaeffer called "The God Who is There".

    Heavy! Heavy reading, with lots of words I have to look up to find out what they mean.

    In the book he questions the current Christian thought of to take a leap of faith, as we cannot explain/understand God, but he suggests that this is not required as we can through study and reasoning identify the truth that God exists and then asks how this should impact our lives (or that is what I think it is saying so far :confused: )

    Has anyone else read it and could comment on it?

    It was recommended by a friend, so although it is not my ideal book, I have decided to stick with it (although it is the first part of a trilogy!!).

  10. lawrensons

    lawrensons CoffE Moderator Staff Member

    Jazz - i read it a few years ago as part of my degree. From what I can remember, Schaffer traces the "Line of Despair" beginning at humanistic philosophy and carrying on through the arts. Its mainly a rebuttal of western philosophy from Plato to the existential movements of the last century

    some people say that this is one of the most profound books ever written regarding the modern culture and philosophy - they probably have a point.
  11. freechurchgal

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  12. lawrensons

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  13. freechurchgal

    freechurchgal New Member

    Dont think I mentioned following either men did i?
  14. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Meeting the Guv'nor, by Alan Mortlock.

    This is an amazing book. Alan Mortlock was a violent criminal, drug dealer, alcoholic who reached rock bottom. A friend an ex drug smuggler brought him to faith in Christ Jesus. The turn around was extraordinary, now Alan is being used by The Lord to bring a message of hope to some of London's hardest men and most dangerous criminals.
    ?6.99 www.madaboutbooks.com
    Stuart. :wave:
  15. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    I just finished reading, "Deliver us from Evil," by Ravi Zacharias. I enjoy all his works and am looking forward to reading his new book. I'm ploughing though a couple of the latest political books and one about Jewish literature and its mark on society.
  16. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    I had to fix my signature, this is the correct one.
  17. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    Just finished Lee Strobel - "A Case for Christ". This book runs in parallel with his own quest, where he, as a reporter, decided to examine the evidence relating to Jesus and during this investigation he came to a realisation that the Jesus of the Bible was accurate and he then became a Christian.

    Excellent book for the sceptic who questions the historical evidence of Jesus. It is written at a very basic level and he summarises actual interviews with experts in various fields.

    He covers the validity of the Gospels as accurate witness statements, looks at their authenticity. He examines the archaeological evidence, other source documents and compares Jesus with other Religious founders.

    Now going to start "A Case for Faith"


    PS In the copy I have, its cover illustrates the handprint of Jesus with a red area on the palm of the hand, representing where he was nailed to the cross, but he clearly states in his book that this was not the case and the nail would have gone through the wrist!! :confused:

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