very important ministry is Gospel mission? pl think


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Every five seconds 9 people going to die.. 6 of them still not hear the gospel..
please make sure to think on this..
we need to spread the gospel as well as possible..

My Heart is always wiling to see to win many souls..

How it is possible for us?

If we go to villages .. there are thousands to thousands villages ... where is no more churches

if we go to see people millions of people are still not hear the gospel

They need to hear the gospel,. they need to accept the gospel

if they need to hear the gospel,, we need the preachers are doers who can cause to make positive mind sets to bring the people to hear the gospel

if they need to hear gospel in positive way,, there is need with positive preachers who can preach in smooth way

if positive preachers need to raise.. we need positive people and positive missions to encourage

As i am going to village to village,,,, as our out reach team is going to out reach works

we have found lot of mission fields are still with lot of demand with positive ministers and missions to works there

Brethren.. pl think and share to do better works in mission fields,.,. to win souls