Sports Spectrum magazine


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Only available in America, but a pretty interesting read if you're into sports.

Normally filled with all sorts of features and interviews with Christian sportsmen/women, I find it quite encouraging as you read it and think "I didn't know x was a Christian". Furthermore it doesn't restrict itself to the mainstream American sports (e.g. the issue I picked up on holiday had an interview with Manchester United goalkeeper Tim Howard).

On top of this there is a pull-out devotional section, although the quality of the devotions varies somewhat in my opinion.

The downside is that the magazine is only bi-monthly, is fairly light in regard to number of pages, and still costs $5.95 (not including sales tax). A closer look at the magazine's content reveals the reasoning behind the price - there is next to nothing in terms of advertising.

Still worth a look if you come across a copy. Alternatively you can take a look at their website.