So I am Bapticostal

Ben W

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I have looked predominantly at every Christian Denomination that I am aware of, there seems to be alot of good points in each, and some that are problematic in different groups, but there again that is not that unusual and to be expected.

So I have decided that for me the Bapticostals are the group that I can best relate with.

Strong Christian Theology, Very much Evangelical, yet also full acceptance of Spiritual Gifts which are very much for todays church.

So I am wondering where you stand with the Bapticostal Movement, and if there are any other Bapticostals in here?


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I'd probably fall into the same group, although I have to be honest and say that I don't feel at all comfortable in afterglow meetings and similar situations.


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These groups and denominations are always forming, re-forming, dividing and sub-dividing.

In time there will be Classic Bapticostals, Neo Bapticostals, Proto Bapticostals, Anti Bapticostals, Charismatic Bapticostals and so on and so on.

The stream of groups trying to capture the 'true faith' will always flow but like a confused salmon trying to return to its place of origin to spawn it is swimming up the wrong river.

True faith and real peace with God comes from Jesus - following Him and His word will bring peace and joy beyond measure. Trying to find Him in the various scattrerings of denominational religion will bring a temporary sense of 'arriving' but before long the old longing for more of God will re-assert.

As He said, "If you drink of this well (a man made cistern) you will thirst again but if you drink of the water I give you you will never thirst again."

The restless urge to find God - and the trawl through various churches on one's path - is indicative of God's working in one's spirit.

Go wherever He draws you and never be afraid - He has already got there and made a place for you.