Six Weeks to Save the World


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Bookmarking this for myself really, is on iPlayer (for anyone in the UK) for about another three weeks or so.

Show details:
In 1955 US evangelist Billy Graham arrived on an 'All Scotland Crusade' aimed at saving the country for Christianity.

During the Cold War, amidst great austerity and mounting agnosticism, Graham arrived like a Christian Elvis and wowed more than a million people during a six-week residency at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall and major stadium events at Hampden, Ibrox and Tynecastle football grounds.

Six Weeks to Save the World tells the story of Graham's crusade through the eyes of the people who were there and the cameras which followed him.


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Tony thank you for this. I have just listened to all the clips
It was such a blessing. Loved when he said he was not afraid of dying, it was just a change of address.

I was brought up Catholic and we were not allowed a bible in those days. One afternoon I watched Billy Grahan on the tv. It was because of him that I eas desperate to get a bible. (1972 ).
We need another Billy Graham.