Silverstone loses British Grand Prix


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The British Grand Prix is not on the provision Formula 1 calendar for next year. Thoughts please - is Bernie Ecclestone too greedy? Is Silverstone a good enough facility? Or are you simply not bothered?

Personally I think it shows how out of touch Formula 1 is with its fans. Leave an excellent circuit behind and stay at the go-kart tracks like Hungaroring. Formula 1 will die a slow death - bring on the rival series!


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of course i have to disagree with you Tone. F1 is STILL the greatest motor car racing series in the world :bow:

Having said that, I feel that the last few years with over dominance of Ferrari and the frequent rule changes to make it "more competititve" hasn't helped F1. Certainly the new tracks have helped, China last week was excellent and the new track in Bahrain looks a certain hit also.

I think the biggest problem f1 is facing is not about track or driver/team but about sustaining an attractive package fro viewers. No one would argue that the Hungaroring should be left off the series because it provides a different racing and viewing environment than any other track. The same could be said for Monaco. This is why I think a London street race would be excellent for F1.

Anyway ... I'm not fussed that Silverstone has been left of the calendar - what I am concerned about is that the UK has been left of the calendar, especailly when five of 10 teams are all UK teams!
BritGP is about more than just the money

lawrensons writes:
> Certainly the new tracks have helped

But Silverstone IS one of the new tracks:
In the last few years millions have been spent on the circuit, making track improvements based on consultations with drivers and constructors.
Recent suggestions on the telly sugegsting the track is old or not that good for racing is "spin".
Any F1 driver would tell you Silverstone is one of the best circuits in the world, and some would say the best.
Not only that, but they invested millions also in new buildings, car parks, roads et al, to improve Silverstone and the BritGP.
In recent years, industrial development has begun which will be creating hundreds of skilled jobs for the area and for Britain.

The reason BRDC can't stump up ?20m as a fee to Bernie is that they invested their money in Silverstone.

Its no coincidence that this latest farce over the BritGP comes the year following these multi-million commitments to the site and environs. The promoter probably feels he has people who have recently committed huge amounts of funds over a barrel. He probably does have them over a barrel.

The biggest loser, in terms of invesment undermined, is the british taxpayer. Last year we spent $1.4bn on the road either side of Silverstone which will carry the traffic supporting the new industrial developments scheduled to go ahead there.

But more than the money, the British GP has always been a hugely significant race, and Britain has always played a central role in motor racing. Not having a British GP would be like not having Wimbledon. Or only allowing Americans to play for the Ryder Cup. Or scattering the Ashes. In other words - unthinkable.
The ONLY problems are of money and corruption.

IF you hear on the news that an agreement has been come to involving Bernie Ecclestone increaing his shares in BRDC holdings, you know that was behind it all along.

Sport, Art, Religion, these things are central to us, to our humanity. When the sort of financial shenanigans we see come in the way of the sport itself, it's a sad day. Football has suffered terribly through greed and corruption in recent times.

As St. Paul says: "The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil."
He is not wrong.