Recommend a Child's First Bible


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Having to consider this now. Haven't the first clue what to look for, so thought I would throw it out there and see what kind of response it would get.

Recommendations welcome. :)


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we've gone through countless first bibles!

The best I thought was "A Child's First Bible" by Kenneth N. Taylor - its big and hardback which means that it won't get bashed around quite so easily. Also the illustrations are excellent.


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well, it's good to read to them even at a very young age - we read to Millie and she's 14 months now, but we were reading to here before she was 1. It can be different depending on the child, in my expereince it would normally be about 14-18 monts to start to read to them.

To have them start to read for themselves ... 4 or 5 years. Usually later for boys.
hi tony we have had load of first bibles but we really like the beginners bible, Daniel also has all the videos. they are well illustrated and make nice reading.

we also have kids daily devotionals that the boys get. never too young to start.

have you seen the Cd's with the kids names in them they are fab.

simon how many kids do you have now??

jac x