Motoring Prayers


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Does any activity drive people to prayer more than driving? How did all those great people from the Bible pray so much without cars? ;)

Among the rather daft "prayers" thrown up by driving, how about?

"Please start!"

Or, when you're approaching a junction and you see the traffic lights have remained green for ages:

"Please, don't turn red!" :D
How about

"Please don't let that speed camera that just flashed have any film in it"

"I pray that that knocking noise is not coming from my car"

"I hope that I find a pertrol station before I run out of petrol"

"Help me find a parking space"


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Rear suspension coil spring - ?121.44
Idle speed control valve - ?128.49
Not having to get the bus and put up with no heating, the driver's smoking and people being extremely loud when you'd sooner be sleeping - priceless. :D