Mark of the Beast ..... ID cards ?


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Has anyone got a view on this? Again the talk of ID cards is in the news. The "mark" in the Bible is supposed to align people and also allow and disallow access to trade etc.

They wish ID cards to be compulsory by 2013.
They will include biometric data.
They might include as a minimum fingerprints.
A stated aim is to control access to public services.

ID cards won?t be a literal mark upon you. However you will be "marked" as being in or out of the control system. The mark in a way is "on you" as its your own biometric.

OK in the last item (public services) we already have a stated aim being denial of service if you do not have an id.

As an add-on it is not much of a leap for the following to happen. In order to combat terrorism and international crime, in particular money laundering, you will not be able to open a bank account in the UK without an ID card.

Once this step is taken you pretty much have "the mark" in existence with the ID card being capable of fulfilling the prophesy.


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Going back over old ground a bit, but I think it will defintely be a physical mark on people. Also I think that people will know that they're taking the mark for more than just "living my life" reasons. I'm pretty sure the Book of Revelation implies that it will be a sign of worship to the antichrist.

Also interesting to note that most European countries already have ID cards, which was something I was not aware of (according to this Yahoo/Reuters link).