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Did you hear that Jennifer is pregnant? Due in July.

If you want to come to the dedication when we get it rearranged you're more than welcome. :)
hi what a lovely little gitl you have. i can work out how to work the pics on here so i cant get one of my boys on.

yeah i heard she was preggers that fab news.

it would be lovely to come to the dedication let us know when you get the date. thanks very much


say hi to gillian, stuart and abigail form us.


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The dedication will almost certainly be on the 26th of March. Church starts at 11.20 and there will be lunch afterwards.

Congrats on your new arrival. :)
hi thanks lorraine but the 26th is mother day so we all go out for the day and visit mums and grans. hope it all goes well for you anyway.

thanks for the link tony
jac x


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Hello.. A little late almost the midnight watch.! Like Toneboy, from the south "emigrated" to North some 32 (or so) yrs ago.. Not too many miles from the Discovery...for the A..class of geography..
Age ..Hmm.. a womans right to silence. but retired and family grown and flown the nest.. Hubby says he is not a believer but a kind and helpful person.

I love hearing what God is doing in the.. now.. of christians lives. Happy to listen and share.. takes a while to learn even the basics of forum techy side..
and to my daughter.. No , I did not use to use a slate and chalk! So, Hello and warm greetings from me in Jesus name..