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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Toneboy, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. SteveWR

    SteveWR New Member

    Looking back over this thread I realise I have not introduced myself.

    ! am 46 married with 3 daughters, live in Essex work in London. I am an accountant (well someone has to be ) and a part time web designer (more an enthusiast). I came here via a web design forum

    Been a Christian for 15 years and churched for 18. Go to an Anglican Church of the evangelical/charismatic type.
  2. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Steve!

    :cool: Welcome to the board.
    God Bless,
  3. lawrensons

    lawrensons CoffE Moderator Staff Member

    Steve - I known you for a while now ... never knew you were THAT old ;)
  4. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Just thought I'd bump this up for the new users.

    Feel free to tell us why you are a Christian as well. :p
  5. will

    will New Member

    Ok ill add my piece into this. Im william i come from fife scotland. Ive been a christian for about 4 months. Why did i become a christian? luck..fate...gods plan who knows. But i can say this if it wasnt for the bible i would proberly have killed myselve i was seriously depressed in a major way and it wasnt really about me i disliked the world i had lost faith in the human race and thought there was no hope. I felt like i was in a room full of people i didnt like and i wanted to get up and leave. Then one day it suddenly clicked isnt god good. So i bought a bible of amazon and began to read it. And there it all was what i had been missing all my life what i belived was good wasnt me being a outcast it was gods good. And that felt great for me personaly i had hope then and something to belive in. Since that day i even thought about god's good i havent been depressed once infact i now cheer others up. My faith shocked everyone i know but its part of who i am now and i wouldnt change that.
  6. Maureen

    Maureen New Member

    Introduce myself

    Well at last HELLO EVERYONE
    I only joined last night but I couldn't get posting but I can now, I've been looking for somewhere like this place to chit chat with other fellow Christians will be nice to get involved with you all.
    I'm 51yrs old married, with 2 boys (well if you can call 20yrs and 26yrs boys) at home and a hubby, none of them are Christians only me, and I can tell you it can be a hard life being the only one, as you see and hear all the 'worldly' things more closly. I will visit the 'How I became A Christian' section soon and place my story there, I've only been one 2yrs next month, but it's nice to meet you Josreb with your long record I'm sure I will have some questions for you and for everyone also, well nice to be here thank you for having me. I live in Belfast Northern Ireland. Godbless
  7. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Maureen!

    Welcome to the board. Im sure you will have a great time here!
    God Bless,
    Stuart. :wave:
  8. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry about that Maureen. Like a lot of boards we have to make sure that new registrations aren't automatically generated by advertising robots (which we've had a few of recently). I hope we didn't keep you too long.

    Welcome aboard. Nice to have you here. :)
  9. Maureen

    Maureen New Member

    Thank You

    Thank you for your welcomes, I fully understand about security but I was so anxious to get posting but never mind all comes to he who waits....
    I think good times are in store here, I have a good feeling about it.
  10. Reighnskye

    Reighnskye New Member

    :wave: hi there, i'm Vince from Chicago; what's this forum all about?
  11. Maureen

    Maureen New Member

    Sorry soooo long

    :p Sorry for taking soooo long to get back
    can't really think of what happened but
    something must have, just received an
    email yesterday which reminded me again
    so hope all is well, been walking with Jesus
    and loving every minute lots have happened
    since I last visited will try to catch up
    but hope you will understand if I don't manage it.
    Love you lots
  12. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member


    hubby and i just joined last night.
    we know tony and lorraine congrats on new baby.:p

    hope you are all doing well

    hubbys user name is colin lol it took us ages to make our names up

    we have 2 wonderful boys daniel 3years 9 months and tiny matthew 3 months

    we are looking forward to getting to know you all
    jac x
  13. colin

    colin New Member


    ditto to what jac just said lol

  14. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    How's Matthew doing? Chloe's doing really well - she's getting dedicated tomorrow. :)

    Nice to have you both here. :wave:
  15. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member

    hi tony
    matthew is doing great thanks, he was dedicated last month. such a special day i hope you enjoy it. what church are you attending just now?
    jac x
  16. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    We're at Bothwell now. Enjoying it.
  17. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member

    colin and i were just talking about that church today.
    we are going to c.c.f carluke, we are starting to settle in but are still on the look out for a church with a larger young family base.
  18. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member

    hi tony
    just woke up to a total white out. hope you made it to the dedication.

    jac x
  19. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Nope, service cancelled unfortunately. :(

    BTW when you've just had a baby a Flickr account is a great way to share photos. :p
  20. jacqueline

    jacqueline New Member

    oh tony sorry to hear that, did you have a lot of family and friends going?

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