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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Toneboy, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    We were very near the fires - some damage occured maybe a 10 minute drive away. The air was very bad and we had to stay indoors - I have asthma, so it was really bad for me. I realized that even driving in the car - the bad air gets in. The kids were going nuts - having to stay inside with not enough to do.

    The painter's masks we got did little good. I did drop the kids off at the movies.

    I don't know anyone personally who was affected, but some people at my older boy's school and some friends of friends and relatives of friends.

    Some people in the home church where we go live in Santee - very near the fires. They told us the fires were coming at them from two sides and they were all packed to evacuate - and then the fire split and went around them and they didn't need to leave.

    I guess this is a lesson for us. That the Lord will keep us and protect us through the floods and fires - if that is his purpose. I believe the crisis on the East coast and crisis on the West Coast - probably stuff in between too, are a sign of God's judgement. We wonder why the wicked prosper and seem to be untouched - but soon they will be no more - and that without remedy. Those he loves he chastises and prunes so that we will be useful.

    I can hear the power saws while I write this - we called a guy to trim a tree - he suggested we just cut it down and replace it. It is a huge willow tree and this is dry desert California. It provided shade, but it makes a mess with the leaves and the roots are growing under our patio to search for water - lifting the patio up - if it kept going, years later it could damage our house foundation. At first the guy thought he could put a pipe in to supply water so the roots would grow straight down and not migrate in all directions causing the damage - but he said it was not a healthy tree anyway - it had grown too large - so down it comes. Then we can decide what kind of tree we want - one that does not use tons of water and doesn't drop leaves so bad and put it somewhere else - a place to provide shade for the house, but not directly over the patio. However, without the advice of someone who knows trees, we would be unaware and would let the damage continue - here trimming the tree would have been useless - it has to come down. So, is there a spiritual application here?
  2. Jules

    Jules New Member

    HI I'm Jules
    AkA Gillian who is married to Stuart. I'm 36 and work (if you can call it that ) as a district nurse, But I job share so it is only 2 1/2 days a week.

    I spend the rest of my time looking after Abigail and going shopping with lainy.

  3. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Jules,
    Im the other Stuart, Im not Scottish but Jane my wife is. She comes from Dundee,which we love especially Broughty Ferry.
    We also love Moffatt and the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway
    and Troon.
    We were up in Scotland early September, beautiful weather.
    God Bless,
  4. SteveWR

    SteveWR New Member

    Ah don't be unkind to Frank Bruno. It's very sad.
  5. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    True, I was thinking of him as the kind, humourous guy who I rooted for in the late 80s until the mid 90s. Love the bloke - was extremely chuffed when he eventually won the title.
  6. Glen

    Glen New Member

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Glen -

    I've been a Christian for a little over 2 years, by the Grace of God. Most of my story can be found at me website:

    I'm almost "addicted" to Christian discussion boards... spend most of my time at Still have a lot to learn, but am starved for the Word of God.

    I spent most of my life as a cement finisher, but am now a PCB designer for a company called Picolight. (Fiber optic transceivers).

    Other than work, I spend most of my time with my family, church family, music, snowboarding, golf, hunting/fishing, youth group, and the worship team at our church...

    Dunno what else to add right now... :)
  7. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Glen,

    :) Im Stuart, welcome to the Board.
    I like golf but havnt played for a couple of years. Im a keen cyclist.
    God Bless,
  8. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    Hi Glen, nice website.

    I lived in Denver for 5 years from 81-86. Do they still have one of my favorite restaurants - Sushi Den near the Vogue theatre on Pearl St?
  9. Glen

    Glen New Member

    Hi Chaya and Stuart

    Stuart - we just had a baby, so we're not golfing much either - so don't feel too bad... it's also cut back on my mountain biking - which I miss!

    Chaya - I'm not too keen on sushi - so I couldn't tell you if the restaurant is still there. I know there's a few around, but the only one I can think of is in Boulder.

    Why would you leave this beautiful state? :D
  10. josreb

    josreb New Member

    Greetings from the church which is in Ahwatukee. A sister in Christ who participated on another forum suggested this new place to me so I decided to register. I guess I can start by telling you a little about me and my family.

    I have a wife and 2 teenagers. We live in Ahwatukee, AZ which is part of Phoenix. I attend Calvary Chapel Ahwatukee and am the worship leader there. Music is an important part of my life and my walk with the Lord. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior 19 years ago. My wife is a believer. My children are still with us in the home. My son accepted Christ and was baptized in Jesus name last year. My daughter is yet to be born again but is sitting under the Word which is the best place to be when you are waiting for God's revelation. Please pray for her.

    I work for Motorola and have been with them since 1977. I played music for the world up until 1.5 years ago. I now use the gift of music to help the body praise the Lord that he may find habitation in the praises of is people. I love it. My wife Alfie works a little and both kids (Rebekah/Joseph) are in high school.
    My daughter is considering the field of cosmetology and my son loves basketball though also considering an engineering career.I have 3 sisters (younger). I am the oldest. My only bother passed away 10 years ago due to a blood transfusion where he contacted the HIV virus. He gave his life to Jesus before he died. My father passed away shortly after and he also gave his life to Christ. My mother is alive and lives in the same city. She is a believer.

    I look forward to sharing the gospel, experiences in Christ, testimonies and prayer with participants on this forum. Please pray for our fellowship.

    God bless you.
    your bother in Christ
    bro joe
  11. Stuart Kirkham

    Stuart Kirkham Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi josreb.

    Welcome to the board.
    God Bless,
    Stuart.:cool: :cool: :cool: :wave:
  12. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    Re: Hi Chaya and Stuart

    Funny how no-one asks Mike Hampton that question. ;)
    Small world. I'm starting to lose count of the number of people I know who have lived in/around Phoenix at one time or another.

    Welcome to you all. :p
  13. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    Why I left Colorado: Well, the job market was taking a downturn, and I wanted a change. I grew up in Maryland outside Washington, D.C. I wanted more excitement, so I moved to Chicago. I met my husband there and we lived there 2 years before we came out to Southern California for him to get his MBA. Then we moved an hour south to San Diego County and have been here ever since.

    Yes, Colorado is beautiful, and I don't even ski.
  14. Jazz_UK

    Jazz_UK PS119:114

    Josreb (and others who have joined the board over the last few days), welcome to the forum, may God bless you as you fellowship with us.

    I also work for Motorola (10 years) but in the East Kilbride plant (MOS9), I have been in AZ on business a couple of times but was based out at Alameda rather than one of the main plants.

    Visited Calvary Community Church on Black Canyon while out there & was blessed by the teaching.

    If you look back on this thread you will find some more info on me!

  15. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    Hi Josreb,

    Your screenname sounds familiar, I must know you from some other board.

    Glen, I don't know if you are a sports fan, but I have a story to tell you. I had a crazy roommate in Denver back in the 80's. She picked up Bronco quarterback Larry Canada at a club and brought him home for a visit. When she introduced me to him, I said hello and offered him something to drink. I didn't know who he was, although he said his name repeatedly.:clown:

    He must have been miffed. But I am not a sports fan, so I don't follow sports figures.
  16. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

    I am a sports fan, and I've never heard of Larry Canada. Sounds like a guy trying his luck to me (he says before typing "Larry Canada" into google).
  17. Glen

    Glen New Member

    I've never heard of him either... might be a clever pick-up line? :)
  18. Toneboy

    Toneboy Administrator Staff Member

  19. Glen

    Glen New Member

    good find!!
  20. Chaya

    Chaya New Member

    I knew he was real, but hey, John Elway he's not.

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