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Yes, I've been stealing ideas from other forums I belong to again. However as the board has just been "born again" (cough!) it seems to make sense to start this now. :)

(BTW, this isn't the place for testimonies. The "Why I'm a Christian" thread is the place for those.)

I've decided to post this thread so users can get to know each other. So whether you're new to the forums or not, here's where you can say hi, who you are and what you're into.

I'm Toneboy (a nickname which I picked up at University), real name Tony. I'm currently 28, married to Lorraine (who you might also see around here) in 2001. It is just the two of us and our dog, Cookie (a Cross Collie). We live in a little village in South Lanarkshire, Scotland (although I'm not Scottish - I moved here in 1997).

I work in the I.T. Department of a travel firm, which has made the last 2+ years somewhat fraught career wise.

I'm a fan of Crystal Palace, Atlanta Braves, Miami Dolphins, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, Chicago Bulls, Hampshire C.C.C. and Warrington Wolves (my best friend at University was from Warrington).

I also enjoy computer related-things. I've been designing websites on and off since 1998, and have really had fun learning PHP and MySql skills in the last two years. As well as this board I'm also a member at and the devnetwork forums.

Most importantly, I became a Christian in August 1994.

Next! :p
Crystal Palace eh !!! As an Essex person we have an Upton Park orientation ;)

I see we knicked one of your chaps recently Hayden Mullins, supposed to have been your player of the year for the last two years. He looks ok'ish so far. He will need to be because he will be playing PL next year!


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Hayden Mullins. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Should be good for you. Versatile, good head on him, looks very calm on the pitch (which led to his nickname "Cas", as some people incorrectly labelled him as being too casual). We miss him badly already.

And people can say what they like, but in my experience you rarely see a bad game involving West Ham. :)

Stuart Kirkham

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Hi Guys,
Im new to the board so I thought Id better introduce myself. My name is Stuart, my Wife is Jane and we live in Cheadle Heath Stockport, and are members of Calvary Chapel, Stockport.
Hobbies-Cycling, Painting Reading.
Im 56 years old and got to know this website through Moriel where I post messages regularly.
God Bless,


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Hi Stuart - welcome to the forum! As you can see we're still getting going - the more the merrier!

Hope to be able to encourage you and be encouraged by you!
I guess the idea is to keep these in one neat thread for other to read easily, so here I go.....

User name Jazz, not really a nickname, but called it by someone regularly after I told them that I planned to buy a sax! Didn't buy the sax in the end but kept the name for my online name on most of the forums I visit.

Real name Stuart, age 35 (for those who are reading this in a few years time, born in 1968).

Married to Gillian, with one daughter Abigail (again for those reading this in the future... this may change over the next year or so... the one daughter part not the married thing).

I live within shouting distance from Toneboy's house, I would say a stone's throw but I have never tried to throw a stone yet & the neighbours may complain!

I am paid to attend a place of work, but my main interest lies outside of work & most of my time is spend in church activities.

Current involved in a Calvary Chapel church plant in Stirling, as well as being involved at Calvary - Motherwell.

Don't have time for hobbies!

Looking forward to get to know all of you!



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Originally posted by Jazz_UK
I live within shouting distance from Toneboy's house, I would say a stone's throw but I have never tried to throw a stone yet & the neighbours may complain!
I'd say Jazz lives within a stone's throw of my house, but I don't live within a stone's throw of his house - I have a ridiculously poor throwing arm. :(

BTW Jazz was the guy who inspired me to get into web design. The thing is he's always a step ahead of me - too flash for my liking (poor insider joke, sorry).
Jazz, what sort of jazz do you like, or are you busy throwing stones at your neighbors? I think I will enjoy remaining the mystery lady for a little while.
Chaya - I am not a jazz fan (although I do listen to it occasionally).

I went to the shop to buy a sax and instead bought a guitar!! Just something that I could learn to make a joyful noise to the Lord!! (Athough some may say my guitar playing is anything but a joyful noise :( )

My music taste is more in the realm of Third Day, Caedom's Call, Mercy Me and a lot of various style of worship music.

What music do others on the forum enjoy?

Ok, Ok I'll reveal myself. Micah and Stuart, I don't know if you know me - but you might have seen some of my posts. I am the infamous Claire - banned member and moderator from Moriel. I thought that given the current circumstances, I had to come out, so to speak.

Anyway, I have never posted under a fake screen name before - so I got to see what it feels like.

I am glad that some of you have found a place to fellowship. I just love our British brothers, especially the Scots - you are so smart! Maybe some of you know Rob - Merville, another IT guy. I just joined a yahoo group that is led by a Highlander after a read a very interesting post of his on another group. I bet it is cold and wet where you are now - it is still warm and sunny in San Diego.

If anyone wants to - they can contact me at Just to let you know, a dear friend has a gift for all of you.

Stuart Kirkham

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Hi Claire,

:) Warm and Sunny where you are, it is cool and wet here, winter is just around the corner. The only part of US I have been to is Washington State, beautiful scenery. Good Message Board this.
God Bless,
Stuart.:) :) :cool: :confused: :wave: :wave: :wave:
I chose the name Chaya since I was told when I was a child it was my Hebrew name, the name I was named in the synagogue. Actually Chaya means life from chai and Claire is French for light - so the translation is not accurate. Claire should be translated as Ora - or - light in Hebrew, but you never know the reasons behind these things.

I grew up in the Washington D.C. metro area - Rockville and Silver Spring Maryland, where it gets cold and snowy in winter. My parents and brother and his family still live there. I lived in Denver for 5 years, where it is mostly dry and mild. I met my husband in Chicago, with vicious winters and we lived there two years before we came here. I can't imagine having to dig cars out again or wrap kids up in snowsuits and then they need to pee and you have to undo and wrap up again. Worse when you don't get the clothes undone in time . My younger one is running around shirtless and shoeless right now:cool: I feel it is an accomplishment to get anything on him. A couple days ago I went into the living room and Jonathan, my 8 year old was watching tv with the couch throw wrapped around him. I realized he had nothing on under the small quilt. My older son was embarassed as he had friends over, including his friend's little sister who is 5 and has a crush on Jonathan - she never leaves him alone. She seemed very interested in his - er ...attire.:D
Just realised I complained about Essex being cold on another post, could be worse, I could be in Scotland :)

I love Scotland in particular Dumfries and Galloway; a world away from the rush and crowds of the South-East.

Also Ardnamurchan, went up in February half term once. So wild in winter, awsome.

Cheya high.

Sorry if I sounded bolshi in any of my "longer posts", I don't mean to. Its hard to convey mood with text. Imagine someone propping up a bar having a laugh and trying to whip up enthusiasm amoung some brothers and sisters ... I am so laid back I am nearly horizontal and about as confrontational as well, I don't know, whats the exact opposite of a boxer, ..


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Originally posted by Jazz_UK
Lainy - Is there something you are not telling us? :eek:
Jazz, you've known my wife long enough now that you should be able to spot one of her subtle wind-ups. :D
Originally posted by SteveWR
I love Scotland in particular Dumfries and Galloway
My best friend also likes Dumfries and Galloway. :D (It is a long story, let's just say he has some problems with navigation.)
Originally posted by SteveWR
whats the exact opposite of a boxer
Frank Bruno? ;)