How do you get set free???!!!!!


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Sorry to hear that Libby. :(

I don't know what else to say, but I hope that you'll be happy, find peace and be open to God moving in your life.


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If you dont feel comfortable going to church, thats OK. We go to church for our own benefit, not for Gods its us that need to worship Him, He needs nothig from us. We also go to have association with other Christians
We should not give up on meeting Christians as this helps in our walk, associating with people of like mind. Do you know any house groups you could go to from time to time? that might help.
I have been to several Churches I didn't feel comfortable in. Most of the people were really nice, but it just didn't feel right. I can't explain why. I just know that the one I attend now feels like home. Are there many churches in your area? If you can find a small one you might feel more at home.

Please don't give up completly. Pray, even if its just for a minute now and again during the day, even if its just acknowledging that there just might be someone there who loves and cares for you more than you can understand.
It sometimes takes no time at all to get in step with God but sometimes it takes years. It did in my case and I went through agonies of doubt and sorrow. But now I realise it was all worth, dont give up.


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I can't make such informed replies as the other respondents to your message. I am a very new Christian.

I also have had a very low patch in my life, which I can honestly say the recovery is being speeded up since I found God.

I'd always struggled with religion, it was the "religion/the established churches" that prevented me from believing.

I was introduced to God by a friend (soon to be wife) and the church she took me to was in a school with no religious trappings or pretentions. This Church's only desire is to worship God and Jesus Christ and reveal the love that the Lord has for us and his understanding, forgiveness and Grace.

I don't pretend to get it all but the thing that struck me most is that being a Christian, is about the relationship that you have with God not the relationship you have with "church/religion" It's not about the church it is about you and God. God will provide for you.

I pray that God is revealed to you through the Holy Spirit and your strength is renewed.

God Bless you



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I think all true followers of the Lamb go through what Libby, and others, here describe - christian life can be a bit like entering the Grand National and then wondering what those fences are doing in your way.

Many many people go through their lives moving from one church to another, hoping to find that 'essence' they are looking for. That love that comes from the throne of God. That peace that declares that the Kingdom of God is in this place. Sometimes they find it for a while in the church of their choice and then it seems to fade as 'real life' intrudes.

God woos us like an obsessed lover - He is always calling us on and out - we find him in the quiet places - our prayers, our bible reading, our moments of calm on a beach or a mountain for example. We find Him and feed upon Him. And we know that He has found us too.

There is no struggle with God - there is only love and more love. Outside voices can try to spoil that love - demands of the world, peoples' accusations (true or untrue allegations), self doubts, sins and so on all conspire to try to diminish that enjoyment of life with Him.

The answer is to 'Nestle not Wrestle' - He is more than capable of dealing with all our problems - if we let Him. His strength is more than sufficient to cope with all the problems our lives and minds throw at us.

I know this sounds like a pile of religious platitudes but I've raised 7 children as a lone father in a really tough area - I've been through the mill (so to speak) and have found God was 'there' for me even (and especially) when I was not 'there' for Him. I have tasted triumphs and despair and know that through either of those He was always, unchangeably, on my side.


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You know, I just don't really understand how to have a real relationship with God and I'm constantly struggling to understand what I believe and get over the past. I don't even know what I believe anymore but have prayed to God and said that I can't do any of this myself - I don't even know what I believe or if you are real so if you are there then teach me and show me how to have a relationship with you because I can't do any of it myself. So, I reckon that if God's there and is a loving God who wants a relationship with me then he will show me how.


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Oh yes, He will show you how to know Him better.

In the meantime, a good idea is to try to put some of Jesus's words into effect in your life. Read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chs 5-7) and just do what it says there - love, forgive, lend and so on. If you feel nothing then so what? Just do it because it's a good thing to do. Don't look for some sensation - God will present Himself to you in the best way for you. :)

I had no idea what was about to happen to me when on Sept 5th 1972 I went to apologise for my pride - I did not expect a massive transformation in my life - it just happened and is continuing to happen - like Jesus said, "If you do what I say you'll know that it is true." :)