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I have many health realted issues going on in my life. I won't go into all of them as I don't want to sound as though I am complaining or posting a my life sucks post.

A new one has arrisen over the past 3 months that has increased my lack of energy which I need to work. In a two week peroid I am to work 30 hours, and the past three months have only managed to get in 20-25 hours a pay cycle. I don't want to loose this job as I need it. I work at home in a medical billing job.

My breathing has been horrible, causing me to become more exhausted more easily. I'm in the process of testing to see what the problem is. Yesterday I went through breathing tests. Next week I am to have an echo cardiogram done.

Today I am more exhausted from the tests yesterday. And I think that this is all begining to become very depressing. I think for the most part I do manage to overcome/hide the depression as to not upset my family. I can live with the chronic pain, but not having energy to function and take care of just the basica daily things in life, and with christmas upcoming and the things i need to do to prepare for this, I need my energy levels to increase greatly.
I guess the only suggestion that I can think of is to go and see a Christian Naturopath. Often a change of diet or adding something to your diet can do a world of wonders.

I think the best place to find a Christian Naturopath would be in some type of Christian Businesses list.

Hope this helps. Will pray for you. :)
Thanks lawrensons, and Ben.

I need prayers more then ever right now. I had to go online (like a ding-dong) and search what they are looking for and it is a bit on the frightening side. Outlook not good with this diagnoisis.

One thing is pulmonary hypertension, caused by the raynauds phenm in my hands and feet.

Another thing is called CREST, which is also raynauds relatated.

I do smoke, but believe it or not, nothing related to this, and I have been focusing on quiting the past few days greatly. Nasty habbit to start and a darn hard one to quit.

A christian neuro would be a great idea, I wouldn't know how to look for one on my medical plan though.

Thanks for the prayers as they are greatly greatly needed at this point in time.

Stuart Kirkham

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Will Pray for You.

c1sissy, Obviously I cant appreciate the extent of your illness, I will pray for you.
I suffer from raynauds in my hands and feet, it is of course worse in the winter time. I absolutely detest the cold weather, the colder it gets the more depressed I feel. The cold gets right into my bones. I am 56 and a very keen cyclist. I take part in races from April to October, and ride by bike as often as possible during the "off" season.
I find that regular doses of Cod liver oil keeps colds at bay.
Hope that I have been some help to you.
God Bless,
Stuart.:cool: ;) :wave:
Hi Stuart, I'm sorry that you also have this horrid thing as well. I'll say some prayers for you as well.

I know what you mean about the cold going right to the bones. It is difficult to explain this to someone who doesn't have raynauds as it is a different type of feeling. Having only had this for about 3+ years, I know the difference between the feelings of coldness. I still enjoy the winter though, as that is my most favorite time of the year. I miss shoveling the snow and building snowmen and snow angels. And the snow shovel fights with my children, lol.

My brother-in-law is a cyclist. I'm not sure of the extent of cycling that he does, but knw that he does do a bit of it.

Cod liver? Hmm that is interesting, how do you manage to swollow it? does it come in capsule form?

Thanks for your reply and letting me know that you also have this. Most of the people that i know of that have this usually have the fms as well, which is what mine stems from.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as the cold weather approaches.:wave: :pray:

Stuart Kirkham

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Hi c1sissy.

;) Thank you for your message. Jane(my wife) and I take cod liver oil in liquid form, we find it better than the capsules.
We also find comb honey very good.
God Bless,
Stuart.:cool: :wave:

:confused: How do you and your wife handle the taste? I have never had this, but have heard that it is such a horid tasting product.

I have been using something to boost my imune system. It is an oriental name and can't remmber it right now. This is also a liquid form suppliment. I count the drops into a glass of juice which helps it to go down better.;)

A friend of mine has a suppliment web site, so she suggested this to me.

The honey comb, would that be almost the same as royal jelly?

I thank you again for your suggestion and reply. God Bless both you and your wife.
Cissy, you will just have to come visit me out in California. Except it is getting a bit cool now. Maybe Ben will invite you to Australia, I think their seasons are reversed?

I would just research this and post on some newsgroups to get helpful tips and maybe recommendations of medical professionals, if there is a support group or research organization they can likely make recommendations and sometimes you can join a study.

I may have some links on natural remedies that are effective - but I will have to look for them. I would think that smoking would make circulation problems worse, not to mentioned heart/lung problems.

Please keep us posted.
Yes Chaya you would be right it is in reverse, we are into summer at present and itst a great time to take time out to hang out at the Beach!!!
LOL! Chaya, you sound like my son. He is stationed in Camp Pendleton in california. The links on natural remedies would be great. He just informed me that when he is out of the service he is going to have a large house built with an area (lol, out in the back yard!) for me to come and live with him.

Ben, so you have summer right now?! And the beach? Ahh, the digital photo taker within is longing for a great beach side photo right about now! lol.

And I have always wanted a wallabie (forgive if mispelled) for a pet. (and a penquin, prarie dog, dolphin, and..........);)

Thank you all for your kind answers. I still have one more test to go. On tuesday I go for the heart ultrasound. I'm hoping that on monday I hear in regards to the breathing test.

The prayers are being felt as the breaths have been easier to take in the past couple of days. And I have greatly decreased my smoking. I'm sure today will be the most difficult of the days, it will be the third day of decreasing the intake of nicotine. In order to get my husband and son to quit, I informed them that they will soon have to step outside to smoke.;)

Stuart Kirkham

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Hi c1sissy.

:cool: Glad you are feeling a little better, will continue to pray for you. Jane and I dont mind the taste of cod liver oil, we take a spoonful at a time.
Pray everything goes OK.
God Bless,
Stuart.:cool: :wave:
Pendleton is less than a half hour away. Your son is going to have to make a lot of money to buy a big house here. We couldn't afford to buy our house now. It is a bit cool, but you can still walk on the beach.
Originally posted by Chaya
Pendleton is less than a half hour away. Your son is going to have to make a lot of money to buy a big house here. We couldn't afford to buy our house now. It is a bit cool, but you can still walk on the beach.
My son always was one to have grand ideas of things. I can actually picture him one day doing this!

If you need a service man to adopt let me know and I will give you his information via a private email. I worry about him and his faith out there. I know that he is in a totoally different environment. Plus I would love to see him meet a nice christian girl. He is a really good kid, I'm lucky.

Update med:

The breathing test showed that I am holding some carbon dioxide in and not letting it all out. Don't know why as I didn't ask until the echocardiogram arrives.

I'll have the results of the echo thingie on monday.

I'm still working on not smoking. It is difficult, but know that if I work at it I can do it.:p


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Originally posted by c1sissy
Update med:

The breathing test showed that I am holding some carbon dioxide in and not letting it all out. Don't know why as I didn't ask until the echocardiogram arrives.
Sounds nasty. Sorry to hear that. :(
Sounds nasty. Sorry to hear that.
Thank you for your reply.

I'm sure that this is part of the extreme exhaustion the past4 months.

I know that all is in Gods hands.

I will just be relieved to have answers on monday.
Originally posted by Stuart
c1sissy, Will pray for You.
"He hath said, I will never leave you, nor forsake you".
Hebrews 13:5.
Thank you for the prayers Stuart.

I know that he won't leave me or forsake me.

I also know that my will isn't always what HE has set up in heaven for me.

I'm accepting of all that I find out, but nervouse about it anyhow, if that makes sense.

This has been a very long weekend. The waiting is like walking through an empty vastness of space.

I know that I am his child and that he loves me, but that does not exempt me from what life on earth has in store for me.

Does any of this make sense?

Stuart Kirkham

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c1sissy, what you say makes perfect sense, waiting for something important can be VERY nerve racking. Its no use me saying "dont worry" because in your situation I would be worrying.In fact Im a born worrier, even though I know I shouldnt I still worry.
I have prayed that God will give you His peace and assurance.
God Bless,