George Bush visiting London

Hi everyone. I am not sure I have any opinion on his visit to London. That's political life. It's no big deal really.

It will be good for Police overtime and so that will be good for them as it's Christmas soon.

However on a more serious note, in the interview with David Frost George W Bush said words to the effect, peace and freedom is not a gift to the world from the United States or from Britain but rather its a gift from God.

OOOOh dear. Alarm bells ringing. Does that in effect mean that George W sees himself and the American/Western war machine as the instrument with which "God" will bring peace to the world.


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I hope not. Working in the travel business over the last few years has been stressful enough. The industry desperately needs some world stability. (Please note that this is a very personal point of view right now.)

Stuart Kirkham

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George Bush is a Christian so I hope he doesnt go ahead with his "road map" and be involved in giving Israeli land to the Palestinians. Maybe he should listen to God more.
As regards his London visit. He is entitled to come here, I am very suspect of the "peace protestors" We all want peace but why do the socialists ally themselves with militant Islamists who want to kick the Jews out of Israel and claim the land for themselves?
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