Football on Sundays


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Jim McLean in last Friday's Daily Record, talking about the upcoming all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup Semi Final taking place in Glasgow, deviated onto this point:
It is ridiculous and inconvenient that such a showpiece game is being allowed to take place at lunchtime on a Sunday simply to suit television companies.

I do not believe football should be played then anyway because of the religious beliefs in which I was raised and I'm sure fans who will be nursing hangovers after a Saturday night would agree it's the wrong time to play a match.

For me, Sunday mornings should be spent going to church -whatever the denomination -rather than travelling to watch a game of football.
Surely whether you like it or not this horse has long since bolted?

BTW, read the details of why McLean isn't involved at Dundee United any longer. From someone who remembers the incident in question, I'm surprised he's ever stepped foot in a Church.