Ecumenical Movement


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there seems to be a number of definitions people give for what "ecumenical" means. What are your thoughts on the deinition and on the movement?

Stuart Kirkham

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Ecumenical Movement.

The World Council of Churches now completely Apostate. Ecumenical really means "Christian Unity", True Christian Unity-The Unity in The Holy Spirit is how it should be.
The Ecumenical Movement now embraces false religions such as Hinduism, Islam!! Buddhism et al and is such is an abomination in the Eyes of God.
I did a search on this subject and it seems like Mr. Kirkham was right on in his assessment. Everything I have read seems to be geared to bring all different religions together in "peace". That basically means that all religions will be together as one group and there will be no one to say that another's belief is not correct or that it may cause one to be headed in a bad direction.

There is a lot of this in the US too. A while back, when the pope had all of the major world religious leaders together in Rome, He made the statement that we all worship the same God. For me, it wasn't so bad hearing the pope say it because I am not catholic. What bothered me was that Robert Sheuller was there and agreed completely. That man has a church here in the US called the crystal cathedral. A ridiculous amount of money was spent to build that church and I have always been against putting that kind of money in things other than the propogation of the gospel and feeding the hungry. I let that go and figured that maybe, if the ministry went forward and worked for the Kingdom, it would be ok. That's not the way it went of course and his church doesn't do anymore than the laziest of churches.

When I heard him confirm what the pope said that day, it was a real wake-up call for me. I began to study the scriptures even more and now, I seem to be able to discern more concerning this ecuminical movement. This is nothing more than the enemy causing those who don't know the scriptures to move to a kind of one world religion. Once the world is there, it would be very easy to make it follow anyone the enemy chose. Sounds like possibly the way is being paved for the world to get their anti-christ. What do you two think?

In answer to the question posted in the last post, "At what point do we become ecuminical?", I suppose that once we believe or propogate the belief that we all serve the same god, then we are ecuminical.


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lawrensons said:
so at what point do we become ecumenical? When we meet with or when we worship with?
I'd be inclined to say we become ecumenical when we worship with, not just meet with.

However I'm also thinking "a little leaven leavens the whole lump". Where do you start and where does something end? Meeting opens the door, so I don't think that's a good idea either.