Christian TV standards in general


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Something the Mrs and I have been talking about a bit lately, as she has taken to watching a few of them again. Personally I've tried watching them before, and for the most part I don't like them. I don't tend to like most of the speakers, and a lot of the programmes have an amateurish feel about them.

However recently a few decent things have popped up. A few of them have been relating to "The Passion Of The Christ", and there have been some shows with some decent worship footage in them.

Unfortunately I probably still won't watch that much of it, because there are too many speakers who I find I don't agree with on them. I suppose these channels have to be led by those who finance them I guess...
When I get the chance, normally after everyone else has gone out or gone to bed, I browse through the Christian Channels.

I either end up on Contemporary Music or Worship Music (Check out iWorship on UCB - I have now bought the DVDs).

To many of the shows are a stage for those who are intent to "fleece the flock", ie get your credit cards ready or are someone continually pushing their own doctrinal position rather than Biblical Expositional Teaching.

I however sometimes watch some of them for a laugh, then become very somber when I think that people are taken in by the hype and are hurt (spiritually/mentally) due to getting sucked into it.

Stick with good Christian Radio - Channel 906 :p



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Jazz_UK said:
Stick with good Christian Radio - Channel 906 :p
That's the flipside - there are lots of good Christian radio stations available over the airwaves (as well as on Sky and the web). Seems a bit of waste to watch them on TV though.

It does make me wonder why a good speaker needs to be on TV though. Surely the message sounds the same, and I would guess you can get a lot more radio time for the same money. Maybe its a prestige/status thing?

TV can be such a good medium if used correctly. Here are some ideas taken straight off the top of my head:
  • An audio-visual tour of Israel, showing us around places where Biblical events happened.
  • Concerts - why not show the odd concert here and there?
  • Real life - show what Missionaries, Christian Charities and Ministers do for their "9 to 5".
Not that difficult, is it?