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    Summer Holiday Ideas: Gardening

    We here at The send a cow charity ( were silver medalists at the Gardner's world live 2009 and we just thought we would share with you all some tips from our medal winning garden which showcased agricultural techniques that farmers are using every day in Africa but which UK...
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    Music, readings, prayers....

    As a Christian charity, we have created a worship resources document - We’ve included prayers, hymns, readings and suggestions for children’s activities that you can adapt to suit your church. I hope you like it :) xxx P.s - sorry if this is the wrong place...
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    Build an African Farmyard

    Hey everyone, I thought this would be a good place to mention the "Build an African Farmyard" - - If anybody thinks their children's school or maybe church etc may be interested?! Taking part in this project will enable your church/school to carry out...
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    Gardeners world!

    I thought i would ask to see if anyone was heading to the NEC in Birmingham for Gardeners' World Live 2009 this year? It's on the 10th-14th June :-) Send a cow is going to be there with a garden and Ugandan farmer showing how to farm the African way :-) x
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    Hi all from send a cow!

    Hello everybody! I'm Jess (from Send A Cow) and wanted to take the chance to introduce myself here on this wonderful forum Send A Cow is a christian charity based in Bath, United Kingdom and we run sustainable agricultural programmes in nine countries in Africa to help small-scale farmers...