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    Xenforo version 2

    We've just upgraded to Xenforo version 2. Please help us out by pointing out any bugs, thanks. :)
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    Hi Rachel and welcome to the forums. Firstly I wanted to say that I can clearly see that your Mother's illness and subsequent passing have been enormously painful, and for that you have my greatest sympathy. While I have not experienced anything like this kind of pain in my life, I have had...
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    The Bible in Britain

    Interesting, if nothing else:
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    Introduce Yourself...

    Likewise, welcome to the board! Sorry for the delay in approvals, unfortunately the amount of spam registrations we get means we must moderate new users.
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    Songs of Praise - ongoing thoughts & opinions

    Well yesterday's show about marriage ended up being utterly predictably politically correct. :(
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    Gen 88-11 weekly devotion

    Getting loads out of reading through Genesis at the moment. Think I might tie a few of them up in a new devotion.
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    Your favourite Christian songs

    Been a while since anyone posted anything in this thread. :)
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    Gen 8:5-7 weekly devotion

    Just got to Genesis in my devotions. Can really enjoy these now. :)
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    Recommend a Christian podcast

    I have two new pet peeves: 1) Podcasts where a decent sized percentage of the audio content is effectively begging. I know there are costs to hosting and producing podcasts, but I don't want to hear about them there. Put them elsewhere, please. 2) Pages where podcasts aren't detailed, or where...
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    Just upgraded us to XenForo v 1.4.

    Just upgraded us to XenForo v 1.4.
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    Ctrl + V

    Da lat da (Da lat da), da lat da (Da lat da), Da-da-da dun-diddle un-diddle un-diddle uh da-da (Don't ask.)
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    Christians in UK/US politics

    From the BBC. Take with a massive pinch of salt:
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    Christian Insomniacs Thread

    Gah, off nightshift, can't sleep. Bad times.
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    Gen 6:9-11

    Has been a long time since then, and God has been oh-so patient. We should all be thankful for his mercy and longsuffering.
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    Persecution in North Korea

    Horrible reports coming out of there. I suspect however that the Church there may be stronger and have a greater witness than the Church in the West.