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    Mark of the Beast ..... ID cards ?

    Has anyone got a view on this? Again the talk of ID cards is in the news. The "mark" in the Bible is supposed to align people and also allow and disallow access to trade etc. They wish ID cards to be compulsory by 2013. They will include biometric data. They might include as a minimum...
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    People taking Christians too seriously

    You have BEEN to a nightclub, I shall :Pray: for your soul brother :)
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    Mozilla Firefox

    I have been using Firebird at home an its great, but at work we are using Advant Again its got good tabbed browsing and popup blocking. I am really not sure which I prefer. The only problem I have had relates to web design work. You make changes to a site and...
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    FA Cup 3rd Round

    yes he is getting to be quite well liked there is a good write up today on by Carrick. We have a few "Kids for a Quid" games coming up so I shall be able to see for myslef. Not that I am a kid, you just have to round up your offspring,a s its such a bargain, and say right we...
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    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Mmmmmm Kidderminster will go through and then beat us no doubt (West Ham).
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    New Discussion Board

    What a coincidence you are using Invision. This was just the board I was wrestling with regarding instalation. Was it easy to instal?
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    Server issues with PHP

    Ok I'll post them. I've got to find them now! They are on my laptop somewhere. You will have gathered by now this is not a priority .... I do need to sort out though.
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    Server issues with PHP

    Thanks, and no you didn't misunderstand the Q. I uploaded a snitz forum (asp) recently to one of my virtual servers, you only had to change two lines of code and activate a link to to the Access file on the server. A real doddle. I looked at a php board recently and the instalation...
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    Server issues with PHP

    Toneboy, As you are the PHP guru are you also adept at setting up PHP stuff in Linux servers? ie setting up forum software linked to mySQL. Also I have seen a nice piece of software for blogs that is php based. I am just an asp and access man, and that is so easy but I understand...
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    "The Lord's Supper"

    "A non-believer is eating a cracker and having a sip of grape juice - but they are not taking communion" Chaya, true, and Lawrensons we issue a reminder before all communion times that 1. its for those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour (although we are not picky on which...
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    George Bush visiting London

    Stuart, interesting point, why do they. In its extreme form of course socialism is anti all religion.
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    Our people in Turkey

    Must be all the harder for Turkey to deal with as the bombers were Turkish
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    "The Lord's Supper"

    Here is a question, can a non christian take communion? I know what the practice is. But the words we use "here is the body of Christ broken for you etc" applies to Christians and non Christians, because he died for all, just that not all accept that. I know its a communion between...
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    We are in Google

    Just did a search and we are in Google :p
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    What Editor?

    Started with Stylemaster and Layoutmaster to try and get a handle on css.